Day Ten - The Bedroom Dilema

Welcome to hell. Not the kind of warm, fiery pits of eternal damnation, no. My personal hell. Ever since the event that took place not half an hour ago, I’m living in a constant state of denial that this is even real life. It has to be some sort of sitcom or hidden camera tv show. I fully expect a camera crew to jump out of the bushes and shout “Gotcha!”

But, alas, it is not. This is the story of why I can no longer look my girlfriend’s father in the eye.

I'm twenty one, I live with my own father in a small trailer. I sleep on the couch as he has the bedroom. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s only temporary. I’ve been dating Rebecca for almost a year now, and things are going great. She graduates college this fall and will be moving out soon after. I work forty hours a week and hope to have enough in my savings account to get a place with Rebecca when she graduates.

As you can probably tell, my living arrangements with my dad don’t exactly scream privacy. It’s not like I can bring Rebecca over and get hot and steamy on the couch with her. So, if we are feeling frisky, we go to her place.

Most of the time her father is out at work whenever I’m around, which suits me fine because I’m sure he hates me. Something about that look in his eye, the one that every father has when they find out you’re sticking it to his daughter. If he is at home, and things begin to heat up, we have to be quiet. In a way, it makes the whole love making more of a turn on, making sure we aren’t caught. There’s a weird fetish like thrill in that.

You can probably see where this story is going.

Anyway, she hadn’t locked her door because her dad was still there. He was the same as most parents are when their child is still living under their roof. He would respect her privacy, but her dad has had a habit of knocking and then coming in without waiting for a response. He’d also be ‘one of those’ parents who wouldn’t shut the door fully on the way out.

We finished watching a movie and things started to get frisky between us. This is where my life began to change.

I finished blowing my torpedo, not ten fucking seconds later he knocks on the door and just barges in and says,

“Heyo, I ordered pizza if you want any?”

We make eye contact for a split second until I finally look down at my girlfriend out of panic and she covers us with the blanket. That dude saw some shit.

Rebecca replied, “Sure, Dad.”

He walks out, his face whiter than my skinny pale ass. My girlfriend starts to laugh while I stare at the wall in shock. I’ve never felt my dick get soft so fast. We talked about it afterwards and she’s embarrassed, but honestly I feel embarrassed for all of us. I really didn’t need him to see his daughter getting dicked down by a guy he doesn’t like and I feel bad that he has to live with that image in his head.

I got up and began to dress. Rebecca looks at me with her soft, concerning eyes. She knows that I should probably leave, but she has this twisted sense of humour. As I kiss her goodbye she turns to me and says, “Are you not gonna stay for some pizza?”

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