Day Twenty Six - The Best Day of my Life

I remember the day I first set eyes the two leggers. The two leggers who I would learn called me Titan. They were odd, very peculiar. They walked upright, on two legs instead of four, that's why they’re called two leggers.

I began to become accustomed to their smell: vanilla and magnolia. It was a comforting smell, it made me feel at home. Not like the sterile smell of cleaning chemicals and fear that radiated from the small room they took me to not long after I turned a few months old.

I hated that place. It gave me the creeps. There was another two legger there, and he poked at me with a long, sharp thing. It hurt.

I couldn’t stay mad for long though, because after that trip, to that place, my two leggers took me to the park. I got to run around and see all the other four leggers. Sniff them, chase them, and it was the best time of my short life so far.

After my trip to the park, we went home in the big metal box with wheels. It went so fast. The window was down and the wind felt amazing against my face. Ruffling my fur, sending a cool summer chill through my nostrils and onto my tongue. I tried to catch that feeling with my mouth, but all it did was make my mouth all dry.

After what felt like years to me, I began to smell something else in the house. It smelt like another person, but there was no other person. I was confused. The two legger that had long hair began to get fat. Really fat. I could hear another heartbeat whenever I laid on the sofa with the long haired two legger.

After another few months, they took me to another place I didn’t like. It was filled with other dogs, lots of dogs. The smells were overwhelming. But there was a sense of dread deep in my heart. They stroked my head and said something about being back soon, and to be a good boy. I was a good boy. I was always a good boy. I didn’t see them for a few days and I thought they had abandoned me here with all these other dogs that didn’t have two leggers to take them home.

I quickly forgot about my short stay at the ‘kennel’ (that’s what they called it). My two leggers picked me up and took me home. The long haired one wasn’t fat anymore. And the heartbeat I could hear was gone. Then I noticed the new smell again. And that sound. What was that sound? It was so loud, and shrill, and high pitched.

I sniffed around and saw a tiny little two legger. But it was in a cage. Why did they keep one of their own in a cage? That was odd. I went up to the metal bars and stuck my nose through and sniffed. The little two legger looked at me and grabbed my nose. Someone shouted my name and I came running to the call.

“No! Bad dog.” One of the two leggers shouted.

I wasn’t a bad dog. Why were they calling me that? I got upset and sulked away to my room under the stairs.

A little while later, I came out, and the two legger was out of the cage, sitting on the long hairs one's lap. She was smiling.

Months passed and the little one got bigger. I wasn’t sure it was even a two legger anymore because it went around on the floor on four legs. Not as quick as me, but I loved to play chase and watch the little four legger crawl after me.

I learned that the little four legger was called Penny. She was a girl, and she was their baby. I had to be careful around her because she was small and I was big. I could hurt her if I wasn’t careful.

I’d never hurt her. She was my two leggers baby, and that meant I had to protect her. I’d never let anyone hurt her. As she grew up, she started to stop being a four legger and became a two legger again. She got faster and was soon able to keep up with our games of chase. She started to throw my toys around and play tug with them. She was amazing.

I don’t know how long passed, but the little two legger got even bigger, and had a party with lots more two leggers. They all fussed over me and stroked me and played with me. There were big balloons, with numbers I didn’t understand. One was a straight line, like a stick. The other one was curly, like a snake.

After all of the two leggers left, I walked slowly back to my bed. My legs ached and I was tired. I was getting old by now. The not so little anymore two legger came over and sat beside me and began to cry. I didn’t know why she was crying, but I licked her face and shouted at her in my mind not to cry.

The next few weeks were really hard for me. I began to fall over, and couldn’t get back up again. My legs were too sore. My joints were screaming with pain, they felt like they were on fire. I let my big two leggers know I was in pain every time I fell over. They came rushing to me, concern splattered across their faces.

They took me to that place with the smells I didn’t like a few times. I began to not hate it so much. The two legger who had stabbed me all those years ago wasn’t there anymore. That was good. Life was good.

Another month went by, and the two leggers all took me to my favourite park, with my favourite toys, and they even brought my favourite treats with them. That was the best day of my life. I loved every second, minute and hour I spent in the sun, running around, albeit slowly with my painful legs.

When they called me over to finish playing and get back in the metal box with wheels, they didn’t turn down the road that would take us home. Instead, we were heading towards the bad smelling place. I knew that much. But that’s okay, I had a good day, the best day.

Inside the place that stunk, I smiled and let my tongue hang out and wagged my tail. All three of the two leggers were crying. Why did they always cry? Someone came out of a door and called me over. I rushed to them, and they stroked me. They led me inside a room, but only the two legger with short hair came in with me. The long haired one and the not so little one stayed outside. They stroked me lots, and kissed me, and gave me so much attention. I loved it. But they were still crying, even though they seemed happy. Two leggers are odd, I thought.

Inside the room, the smell was still the same. They lifted me onto the table that was cold, it was always cold. But today, it had my favourite blanket on, and it was warm. So warm. I laid down and looked my two legger. He was still crying.

The man who put that sharp thing in me was different this time, and it hurt again, but I was too tired to moan about it. I began to feel really sleepy. So tired. I looked at my two legger and shut my eyes, and drifted off into the best sleep of my life.

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